Evil neighbors

Please pray for the horrific situation with our evil neighbors. Please pray they leave as soon as possible. That they are evicted, kicked out, leave or anything to get them out of living near us. They are evil and are ruining our lives. Our mental health is completely gone and it's destroying our relationship with God. Please pray with all your might that He gives us peace, quiet and safety once again. We are unsafe in our own home. These horrible demonic possessed humans are threatening and harassing us. Please pray urgently that they leave. We desperately need help and relief. Pray our complaints to our property manager actually do some good and under no circumstances allow their lease to be renewed. Please tell everyone you know to pray as well. We need urgent help and prayer. We will not survive much longer. I beg of you, pray something is done quickly.

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May 18, 2024

by: Terry

Oh Lord, rebuke every demonic, evil, and unclean spirit from the entire property, building a hedge, a fortress, a safety net around it, in Jesus' name.


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