I am now free of alcohol.

by Charles
(Kisii, Kenya)

I am Charles Ombeo and I am married to my wonderful and dedicated wife Vela who has blessed me with 4 children. Before I understood who Jesus is I was given over to drinking and staying drunk. It was so bad that one day I went to a Christian revival while I was very drunk, I heard the guest speaker of the revival came from Nakuru pastor Andrew and he was preaching about knowing Jesus. I was not being very nice or peaceful to those who were there for the revival at Getumbe fellowship center. I had to seat at the Conner until I heard pastor Haron calling everyone with problem to come in front and get prayed. I never went there at the alter until the service was over. The coming morning which is on Monday 3 of June 2019 starting a new week, I felt like visiting pastor Haron at his home and ask him more how was the service and perhaps he can pray for me since I knew am not a true Christian. I shared my words with pastor Haron even though I feared since there were many children at his home whom may be was to laugh at me. Pastor Haron had good time to pray for me and all of the sudden I experienced the heaviness of the Holy Ghost, but I did not understand what was happening. I saw something that looked like heaven coming down and the world started turning around and around. This made me very sick and I started vomiting. Once I was feeling better I asked all children together with other people who were around in pastor his compound if they would pray for me, I heard them speaking other languages that I never heard there before.

As they were praying I vomited a worm from my body. From that day I started serving the Lord. Every day when I pray I do found me speaking in tongues and I knew the Holy Ghost has great chance in me. I came to realize that God blessed me with free gift of singing, am now a committed choir member at Getumbe fellowship. My family and I do minister at Getumbe fellowship church. God bless pastor Haron for praying for me and my loving family. Praise God for saving my soul!

Your sincere brother,

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Jun 18, 2019
Praise the Lord Brother Charles!
by: Terry

That is an awesome testimony of the power of God through the Holy Ghost. I was an alcoholic as well when Jesus filled me with the Holy Ghost. That was almost eighteen years ago and I have not had an alcoholic drink since the night before I was saved. All the glory goes to Jesus Christ as it is His Spirit that surrounds and protects me daily.

I am sure that Pastor Haron has told you already that salvation is a three-step process. You repented of your sins and God filled you with His Spirit. Now you must be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ to have your past sins remitted for eternity.

May the Lord bless and keep you and his face shine upon you and be gracious to you, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

Brother Terry

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