When Jesus Comes

When Jesus comes into our lives, miracles happen. We will look at some of the miracles that happened in the Bible when Jesus came into the lives of people in need of Him. This is a three-part Bible study consisting of:

  1. Satan's Power Broken
  2. Healing Miracles
  3. Day of Salvation

Satan's Power Broken is below and simply click on the links above to go to the other pages.

Satan's Power Broken

When Jesus comes, He has the power to break every demonic chain that has a hold on our lives. Let us look at the man called Legion in the Bible (Mark 5:1-15).  Satan, the devil, the tempter, the evil one has power when we allow him into our lives. Legion had many devils within (Mark 5:9). The demonic power over Legion is easily recognized:

  1. Lived in tombs instead of a house (Mark 5:5, Luke 8:27).
  2. Man could not contain him (Mark 5:3).
  3. He could literally break chains (Mark 5:4).
  4. He did not wear clothes (Luke 8:27).
  5. He cut himself with stones (Mark 5:5).

With absolutely no doubt, this also happens in the world we live in today. When we let devils into our lives, they wreak havoc. But that all changes when Jesus comes. Hallelujah!

When Jesus came (Mark 5:2), the demonic spirits could not stop Legion from running to Jesus and worshiping Him (Mark 5:3,6). The devils knew who Jesus was - the Most High God (Mark 5:7). We clearly see though that when the Lord rebukes demonic spirits, they must leave (Mark 5:8).

At times, we will experience the presence of the devil in our lives. When this happens, we will have the opportunity to employ the same strategies that Legion used to defeat satan's power:

  1. Run to Jesus.
  2. Worship Jesus.
  3. Call on the name of Jesus.
  4. Know that  Jesus is God.
  5. Ask the Lord to rebuke all demonic spirits from our lives.

Will the demons want to leave? No they will not, they will want to stay around (Mark 5:10-13). They have minds, they can reason and are always looking for a place to live. It is important to be firm, constant and consistent in using each and every one of the strategies listed above.

In the end, it worked for Legion:

And they come to Jesus, and see him that was possessed with the devil, and had the legion, sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid (Mark 5:15).

It will work for us too!

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