Please, please pray for us. Name Galina, name Andrew, name Sergey

by Golikov Sergey
(Russia, Western Siberia, 644110, Omsk, ul. Zaozernaya, 9A, apt. 142)

Good afternoon!
My mother had a stroke!
Please understand. For good soul people.
Help! Please! It is very necessary for us! We Appreciate It! This is the most valuable!
WE NEED YOUR PRAYER. I ASK YOU. I ASK YOU. Pray for my mother. YOU ARE ABLE TO PRAY RIGHTLY. Your Prayers Heavenly Father Hears. Ask him in prayers to help my mother. I kiss you hands and feet. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER. HELP HER !!!!

Dear, Master, Head of the Temple!
My mother had a stroke. She needs medical attention. She needs rehabilitation. I will take care of her alone. I was fired. Now I am sitting with my mother as a nurse. I love my mother very much. We do not have enough money to eat and be treated. We are very hard and scary to live in Russia. We are in despair. We are in trouble. Please help us. Please pray for us. Help us pray for us. We urgently need help. Your long prayer. Pray for us please for a long time.
We are good people of the planet Earth. We believe in the Lord God! We pray. We want to live in peace and confidence. We in Russia are scared, very difficult and hungry. For the sake of the Lord, our Heavenly Father, we ask you to protect and help prayer. Carry us to a country where people love each other. Take us to a country where they will help us live well. I am kneeling before you. I'm crying. Please hear me and pray for my mother.
My mother's name is Galina (she was born on October 22, 1953). My brother's name is Andrew (he was born on January 9, 1986). My name Sergey was born (August 8, 1976). We are good people and citizens. We have few good left in Russia. I ask you to understand me. Please help us. People who believe in the Lord God, who has the opportunity to help us! I would like to believe! My letter to anyone who has the opportunity to help! Who believes in the Lord. Please, if you have such an opportunity, pray for our salvation to the Lord God! I am very tired. I do not know how we will live.
This is only at your discretion!
Excuse me and my mother. Forgive us. For our request. Only if you can. Only if you have the opportunity. If you do not mind. We want to pray correctly to Heavenly Father for Salvation. Please send us: The text of a strong prayer pleasing to the Heavenly Father, the Icon, Candles for prayer, Incense, Oil for the lamp, cross and rope. You can send what you want. We are grateful. We will remember you. Only if you can. At your discretion. Sorry for our request. Forgive me, my mother, my brother for this petition.
Any other help, it is possible by the FOOD PRODUCTS, we also will accept from you with the big gratitude!


We can send you by e-mail copies of supporting documents that we are not frauds !!!!

Please, please believe me, if you want to check, well, please help !!!!
Please help. We are in trouble! SOS! SOS! SOS! SOS !!!!!!!
Have pity on us!
You also believe in our Lord. We are waiting for your help!

Russia, Western Siberia, 644110, Omsk, ul. Zaozernaya, 9A, apt. 142,
Golikov Sergey Vladimirovich,
t.sot.: + 7-905-099-15-51

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Nov 10, 2018
Praying for the Golikov Family
by: Terry

Dear Sergey

Thank you for sending this prayer request to Rest assured that I am already praying, in the name of Jesus Christ, for your mother to be healed and for your family’s situation. I am also praying that people from around the world that visit, will pray for you as well.

The’s primary mission is to preach and teach the truth about salvation – the Gospel of Jesus Christ - and about having a community around the world praying for each other in time of need. I believe that God – Jesus Christ - hears the prayers of those who cry out to Him. On the website, I have written a number of prayers that I believe that you, your mother and your brother can use (in addition to your own personal prayers) to cry out to Him. I use these prayers myself for family, friends, Church family, lost souls as well as me personally. I now have added Galina, Andrew and you to this list.

1. Pray the Word
2. Praise and Thanks
3. Prayer of Repentance
4. Fighting Against the Enemy
5. Prayer for Lost Souls
6. Prayer for Loved Ones
7. Healing Prayer
8. Prayer for a Broken Heart

I believe that God has directed your path to in this time of dire need. Jesus is in the miracle-working business. If you read Jesus Heals on the website, you will see many of His healing miracles. He did this out of compassion but also so the lost would know that He is God and that it would be a sign to lead them to salvation. So even though He desires to heal your mother, and supply all of your needs, He wants the three of you saved even more. That is the main reason He has directed you to I highly recommend that because He wants you saved, you read and study all of the following pages on the website:

1. Do You Want To Go To Heaven?
2. Yes, I Want To Go To heaven.
3. Gospel of Jesus Christ
4. Acts 2:38
5. Repentance
6. Baptism
7. Holy Ghost
8. Speaking in Tongues
9. Born Again
10. Pentecostal Experience
11. Grace
12. Faith
13. Belief
14. Obedience

I am sorry that I am not able to help you financially as it is not part of my ministry. I get other requests from around the world for financial help and am not able to help them either. I have searched for a church in Omsk that may be able to lend you a helping hand somehow. I am not saying money as God knows what your real need is at this moment. The church is:

May the Lord touch and heal Galina and that His hand is upon you and your brother as well, in Jesus’ name.

Love Terry

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