Pray that my health and financial situation improves

by Keerthi Sugam

My name is KEERTHI SUGAM & My Family (Wife- DEBORAH KEERTHI, Son- ETHAN UDITYA, and Daughter - SHILOH SACHI) & below is my prayer request:
I am in a bad financial and health condition. I have got diabetes & hypertension and have an ongoing financial crisis as my business has not been doing well. Due to this I am having sleepless nights and tensed about how I can take care of my family.
I am a born again and I have slightly deviated due to my current situation which is existing for 5 years & 10 months. I’ll be honest with you that Gradually, Obeying the gospel of JESUS CHRIST & praying in tongues has come down and I don't do it at all. But I pray and FAITH has always been there but as a human tendency, my faith goes up and down due to my everyday situation in life.
Finally, I ask JESUS CHRIST to bless those who are praying for me and my family.

At the same time I ask for prayer for me and my family as below:
1) Financially I want to grow bigger and better than all these years of my life.
2) My health should be perfect and any ailments that I have should vanish in JESUS MIGHTY & HOLY PRECIOUS NAME.
3) My family and I be blessed and protected from evil at all points of time.
4) I should be used to help others in distress and pain.

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Nov 05, 2019
Our God is amazing
by: Anonymous

May God bless you

Nov 05, 2019
Prayer for Keerthi and Family
by: Terry

Sweet Jesus, I pray that you put it within Keerthi and his family to seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness so they never need to ever worry about tomorrow, for it will take care of itself. I also pray that You touch and heal him of his infirmities and that You build a hedge around him and his family, keeping them from evil. God, I pray that your perfect will be done in His life. I pray all of this in the name of Jesus Christ.

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