Financial Miracle

Please pray for financial miracle increase for me. I'm nearing retirement age and don't have any savings for that and I only work part time, and my hours have now been cut in half by the company with no real explanation. They also took me off the schedule completely for an entire month and said it was a glitch and they can't help me so I just had to suffer with no income. Also, my hours are constantly fluctuating so I never know how much I'll have from month to month. I have to now live off my small emergency savings. I want to have enough for groceries and shelter. My vehicle also stopped working last year and I need money for a new one. I also need a home to live in because I'm living in a toxic Occult situation. Please pray for increase, abundance, and a financial miracle so I can have relief from the stress of it all. Thank you.

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Sep 07, 2019

by: Terry

Oh Lord Jesus, I pray that you deliver this person from the toxic occult place that he now lives in and that he obeys the Gospel of Jesus Christ by obeying Acts 2:38, speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives him utterance. I then pray he starts tithing so you will bless him with a new job and additional finances that he needs to retire. I pray all of this in Jesus’ name.


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