Me and my wife Veena

(4th pole. School lane. Camp de masque pave. Mauritius. Indian ocean )

Please do help me and my wife Veena in prayer to overcome and be able to move to another house safely as we do have 3 witch doctors living in the same house and who are our own relatives targeting us daily by putting blood and all kinds of ashes in and around the house and have challenged to kill us both if we do not leave the house for them. Veena is having a severe bleeding condition for 2 months and an internal swelling in her belly like a tennis ball with severe pain. We are very sick and having severe health problems situations now. Thanks

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Jun 14, 2019
Prayer for Veena and Mahen
by: Terry

Oh Lord Jesus, we give you all the glory, honor and power for You are worthy. We ask You to hear Mahen’s cry for Veena and himself, delivering them from the demonic spirits and human flesh that are presently attacking them, and help them find a new house to live in. Oh, great Rapha, the God that heals, we ask You to touch and heal Veena of the bleeding, internal swelling and other health problems that she is dealing with. As well we ask you to touch and heal Mahen. We pray all this in the name of Jesus Christ and we praise and thank You for answering this prayer.

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