FIAM Ministry

The FIAM Ministry is an indigenous Apostolic Pentecostal ministry located in Dhantola, West Bengal, India near Nepal and Bangladesh. It's a multicultural area where Bengal, Hindi, Urdu, Surjapuri, Rajbanshi and English are spoken.

The ministry was founded by Pastor Supryio Prodhan in 2012. The main church is in Dhantola and there are several branch churches in different areas of West Bengal and Bihar state. The leaders of the branch churches are, Manoj Paswan, Badal Das, Gopal Prodhan and Susanna Singh.

The main church as well as the branch churches are growing and welcoming anyone seeking salvation.

FIAM Ministry Publications

In Bengali Language:

  1. 60 Questions on the Godhead (click here) . Go here for English version.
  2. Hari (click here). Go here for English version.

FIAM Academy

The FIAM Ministry operates and administers its own mission academy. It's stated mission is:

"The mission of FIAM Academy is to promote academic excellence and provide the opportunity for the students to attain their individual, social, emotional, and physical potential. Quality education will be provided for all students through teamwork and cooperation resulting in their development into mature productive citizens."

Sunday School Ministry

Sunday school is one of the church's most powerful ways to affirm the word of God as the foundation for Christian living. FIAM's vision is having  Sunday school teachers teaching , giving, directing and sharing the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Through the children, they are approaching their families with the word of God.

FIAM conducts Sunday school classes every Saturday among the believers and non believers' children at Dhantola and Siliguri.

Youth Ministry

FIAM believes that that the youth in the community need a tremendous amount of  guidance and support. They believe that the most difficult period for young people is between the ages of 14 and 24, and thus they open the doors for all youths to guide and support them by teaching them the word of God and leading them to the faithfulness  of Jesus Christ.

Social Work

The Bible says in Deuteronomy 15:11 to help the poor and needy people. FIAM has a program to help (to the best of its ability) the poor and needy people by giving cloths, food and medicine through free medical camps.

Apostolic Apologetic Ministry

The main vision of FIAM is to spread the Apostolic Pentecostal Doctrine of the first century in the Bengal, Bihar and Nepal regions.  Pastor Supryio  Prodhan is fully acquainted with other religions in the area - Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, Quran, Bokharisarif, and Islamic theology and uses this knowledge to lead people of these religions to Jesus Christ. To fulfill this vision of leading all souls to the truth, FIAM  conducts meetings and produces and shares Apologetic videos to present the salvation massage in the area (Mark 16:16).

Additional Apostolic Pentecostal videos:

  1. Is Hell Eternal? क्या नरक अनन्त है? জাহান্নাম চিরন্তন?

FIAM Music Ministry

The FIAM Ministry produces its own music about our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Here is the FIAM Ministry singing Aajadi (Liberty) in Hindi, led by Pastor Prodhan:

The lyrics of the Aajadi song , written by Pastor Prodhan, are based on Luke 4:18-19. Here are the lyrics to the song in English:

Liberty ...... liberty .......                                       2
Liberty...... liberty........ 
Jesus Christ has given                                      2
Liberty ...... liberty ....
Liberty ..eee..eeeee                                            2
Liberty ... ee. Eeee
From the sins, from the curses
We have got, liberty                                          2
From the crimes and the problems
We have got, Liberty
My every sin has been washed                   2
By his Precious blood
Liberty.. eee.....eeeee                                         2
Liberty ...
From the sickness, from the darkness
We have got, liberty                                          2
From the devils, and the evil spirit
We have got, liberty
From His spirit
We have got,                                                          2
Power and liberty
Liberty eeee.  eeeee

And here is Pastor Prodhan singing Aajadi in English:

Prabhu Dihil Jibon

Prabhu Dihil Jibon is the first recorded song in Surjapuri language. It is sung by Susanna Singh and recorded in Hosanna Octaves Studio. Around 2.2 million people use this language [Taken from YouTube Video].

Aay Mor Mon

Aay Mor Mon the second recorded song in Surjapuri Language by us, sang by Subhojit Sen and recorded in Hosanna Octaves Studio. Around 2.2 million people speak this language. FIAM composes Christian songs to help various cultures grow in the Spirit. This song also will be available in Hindi Language.

Jibito Prabhur Gayi Gan

Jibito Prabhu Gayi Gan is an old Bengali Christian song recorded at FIAM Studio sang by Shubojit Sen.

Recording Studio

The FIAM ministry is in the process of setting up a recording studio and has requested prayer for this venture. The purpose of the studio is to lead lost souls to Jesus Christ by recording and distributing:

  1. Audio messages in various languages like Bengali, Hindi, Nepali etc., in MP3 format. This audio messages will be distributed through Bluetooth, Whats App, Facebook, etc.  
  2. Teaching videos for social media (YouTube, Facebook, Whats App).
  3. Christian songs.

Of course, all productions will be Apostolic Pentecostal like those that appear on the Loving Gospel website. Please pray for the success of this recording studio to win the lost to the Lord, in Jesus' name.

Church Locations

Main Church:

FIAM Church of Dhantola

Address: Dhantola, Ps - Islampur, Dist - Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal.

Phone No: 919832787540

Branch Church:

FIAM Church of  Siliguri

Address: Simaluguri, Ps  - Chompasori - Siliguri, West Bengal

Phone No: 919002129574

Branch Church:

FIAM Church of Thakurganj

Address: Thankurganj, Ps Po- Thakurganj, Bihar

Phone No: 919523910320

Branch Church:

FIAM Church of Daspara

Address: Daspara, Ps Po-Chopra, West Bengal

Phone No: 919734226142

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